Saturday, September 13, 2008

A new room!!

Yea!  The garage turned screened porch is nearly complete.  I am so excited!  We began this project earlier this year are finally nearing completion.  Those who are not from South Georgia may not understand how important it is to have a place outside where the bugs can't get to you. But trust me - it is VERY important!

So, we got this great idea while on a trip last year to screen in our garage.  And we did.  We love it.  Finally got painting done and new outdoor furniture complete with fire pit (used for candles, of course).  I am loving it!

Above is the back door (into the kitchen).  I did all the flower arrangements myself.  Thought they turned out well.  :)
This is the counter we had built for Casiday and her friends to be able to eat, do crafts, etc. without making a mess in the house.  
This is the back wall of the garage.  The stained glass is from one of the old Methodist churches here in Brunswick.  It is beautiful!
The firepit.  We thoroughly enjoy it - or will when it finally cools down some around here.  :)
The view looking in to the garage.  

More of my flower arranging prowess.  

We still have some work to do.  We will be running cable out there so we can watch ball games, etc.  Also we are going to stain the concrete so it will look like stone.  But, we are already thrilled with how it has turned out.