Friday, June 29, 2007

Doing absolutely nothing

Ever had a day when you did nothing? I mean - NOTHING! I did fix Casiday lunch and wash a few of the dishes (not all, of course, that would have meant I completed a task today).

But since then - not one thing accomplished. I've piddled on the computer, watched sitcoms on TBS with Scott, and eaten some junk food.

Of course, now it's 5:30 and Scott wants to go to Sam's this evening - so I am going to have to get up and do something with my hair that I let dry naturally so it's super frizzy and not very attractive. Bummer...this is messing up my "Day of Doing Nothing."

Oh well, maybe there will something cute to buy at Sam's.

Thursday, June 28, 2007

Favorite foods

I'm fixing taco salad for supper and was thinking that it is one of my favorite meals. Then I started thinking about other foods I love . . . like my mom's spaghetti, Olive Garden's sald, corn chowder, DREAMLAND RIBS!!!! (my very favorite!), queso dip from Chili's, filet mignon & broiled tomatoes from Ruth's Chris, Mama's chocolate pie . . . good grief, I guess I pretty much like all food. :)

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Now in Public School

Well, Casiday will be officially enrolled at Satilla Marsh Elementary by Monday or Tuesday. Wow, I can't believe we've moved her to public school. I know there will be lots of adjustments for all of us - not the least of which is the size of the school. BCA has 200ish students in K-12, SME has 680ish in K-5. WOW! We toured the school today - Casiday is very excited about the Art room and the playground. :)

No more Rosie

Well, Rosie's family has her back. Casiday cried. But she understood that "Baby Girl" (the dog's real name) needed to be with her family just like we would want Charlie to be back with us if he got lost.

So, we're back to one Bassett. A very spoiled and overweight one but just one!! :)

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Back Home...

Wow...after two weeks of travelling it sure is nice to be home. I've got loads of laundry to do and I still haven't completely unpacked - but we are home.

We have a new dog. Rosie joined our family last night. She was found by a family in our church and since we are total suckes for Bassett Hounds, she ended up here. :) She's a little older than Charlie and Casiday just loves her. They both slept in Casiday's bed last night. It was so cute.

That's the biggest news I've got. Life is still slow and simple. Just the way I like it.

Gotta go - Senior Adult Bible study this morning. Casiday & I are still in our PJ's!!

Happy Tuesday!

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Heading to Sea World

So, we've been back in Brunswick for about 24 hours and are leaving for Orlando in a few minutes. We are taking Casiday to Sea World - her favorite place in Orlando. She's very too. I LOVE Sea World! And the Shamu show and the dolphin show are both new since we were last there. Also, they do a free upgrade on one-day ticket purchases for Georgia & Florida residents so we will have passes through the end of the year. That means - we get to go back!!!!!!!!

And so the reality is that we only have 2 days left of vacation. Kinda sad. It's been such a good week and a half. Lots of rest. We've thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and I hate to see it all come to an end. Real life - yuck!! Well, actually our life is very good right now. So, I can't complain.

Better go - get all those last minute details done so we can hit the road. Splash zone, hear we come!!!

Monday, June 18, 2007

What in the Webkinz World???

Webkinz . . . the cross between Beanie Babies and Tomagotchies. Gotta get the stuffed toy, register it online, and then allow your seven-year-old daughter enjoy her new toy, right?

WRONG! Once you've registered it you have to keep it healthy, happy, and fed. And, of course, because Webkinz World is just like the real world - you've gotta fix up your room, get a yard, have cool clothes, accumulate lots of decorations and furnishings, the list goes on!! So, how do you acquire all of these things - playing games like "Wheel of Wow" and my personal favorite "Cash Cow 2."

It's a crazy world - but now we're in it. If you're there too - we can be friends and visit each other. If you're not it it - well, enjoy the free time you have. If you need me, I'll be playing "Cash Cow 2" trying to get some more outdoor toys for our yard.

Sunday, June 10, 2007

vacation here we come ...

We leave early tomorrow morning for Alabama. We'll be there for about a week on vacation. We are very excited about this time to just do nothing!! We have some friends we will see, places we love to eat, etc. but mostly -we'll be just doing nothing!

We'll leave Alabama next Monday (the 18th) and will head to Atlanta to spend a couple of days with some friends there - doing more nothing!! (Thanks, Andy & Jada!) And we'll be back home that Wednesday & Thursday. Then we leave again for Orlando to go to Sea World with some friends for a couple of days.

That's it from here. I may post from the trip - I may not. The posts would likely be very boring. Something like . . . "Today we were at the pool. Then we got showers and went out to eat. It was good."


Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Tuesday is done . . .

Well we played Moe's trivia tonight. Last week we came in 2nd place - this week, not so great! But we have fun and that's what matters.

Casiday's haircut was today. She is loving it. She said she looks 18 now. Well, she doesn't look quite 18 but she does look older. We've decided they cut the shyness off with her hair - and all that is left is ATTITUDE!! She is hilarious - prancing around, shaking her head and her bootie like she is ALL THAT.

We also went to the St. Simons Lighthouse today. Climbed all 129 steps. There were 24 kids from our church who attended this year's first Terrific Tuesday. We all thought that was great. And...I didn't have to eat a picnic lunch because Casiday & I went with the senior adults to my very favorite restaurant - Barbara Jean's - where I got my very favorite meal - crab cake & salad. YUMMMMMMY!!!

Today was a good day. A very good day. I could get used to this ...

Sunday, June 3, 2007

The week ahead ...

Sunday's over. I hosted a baby shower for my sweet friend Donna and her precious baby, Grace Anne. It was a pretty good turnout. She got several nice things.

Church - this morning and tonight - was good. We've started a sermon series called "Mythbusters" and it was great this morning.

Tomorrow Scott has to go for jury duty. We are praying he gets out of it - since we are supposed to leave for Alabama next Monday. So, we'll see!!

Tuesday we have senior adult service and Casiday has Terrific Tuesday. If Scott has jury duty I'll lead the senior adult service and Valerie will go with Casiday to the lighthouse.

Wednesday is, of course, church. And we have to go to the library and turn in our books since we are going to be out of town next week.

Thursday I'll be a Care Net. I love Thursdays!!! I don't know if Casiday will go to work with Scott or spend the night with Karen after church on Wednesday and stay with her. I have to get my hair cut and colored that afternoon. Oh man - I need to make an appointment for Casiday to get her hair cut this week. Better add that to Monday's list!! :)

Friday Austin's Bridge is coming through town and so I have to make sure that Casiday gets to see them.

Saturday - REST!!!!!!!

Sunday - Austin's Bridge concert at night!!! Yea!!! Check them out here!

Monday - LEAVING FOR ALABAMA!!!!!!!!!! Vacation...aaahhhhhh....

Happy Endings . . .

Does everyone love happy endings as much as I do? I'm sitting here watching the final episode of "Friends" with a couple of our college kids from church and it's almost to the very end where Ross & Rachel end up together. I love that.

Today (Saturday) was also Casiday's second dance recital (the first was last night). She did great - a wonderful ending to a great year of dance. I am so proud of her!

Friday was Scott's & my 11th anniversary - I know that's not really an ending, at least I HOPE it's not, but I feel like since Scott & I have been together, my life IS a happy ending!

This was just a really good day. Nothing really spectacular - but we just had a great day. Scott is feeling so good - that is certainly a happy ending for us, after a long few years of sickness. He was SO himself - cracking jokes, making fun of me, all the things I have so rarely seen over the last few months.

Happy endings just make me smile. I guess because I always think that happy endings are really happy least in real life. For Casiday, she's beginning to feel so much more confident. It's amazing to see her coming out of her shell - dancing like no one is watching and loving it! Earlier I was passing her room and she was just twirling and leaping - it was absolutely one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen. Being around her is just amazing and I am so thankful to be her mom.

For Scott and me - all I can say is - THANK YOU, LORD! Scott is the most wonderful, amazing person ever. There are moments when I look at him and I can't even breathe. And, over the past few weeks, as he has been feeling better and better - it's like God has restored all the joy and promise that we felt on our wedding day 11 years ago. Scott brings so much to my life.

First, he brings stability. He is truly a rock - and, while his lack of emotional expression is perhaps the most frustrating thing to me, it is that solidness in him that is not ruled by impulse or emotion that fills me with a sense of absolute assurance and confidence.

He also brings laughter to my life. So often, I get caught up in my lists and demands and I forget that life is more than what I accomplish and do. Life is meant to be lived - and lived fully. Scott helps me experience the reality of Christ's promise of "life abundantly." If it were not for him, I don't know that I would understand the fullness of JOY in my life.

Perhaps the most precious of all things that Scott has given me is a love that I could never have imagined. In a card he once wrote me he told me that his heart had never really beaten until he first saw me. As for me, I don't think I ever really felt anything until I was first loved by my precious husband. I have tried and tested his love, time and again, but never, not once, has Scott wavered in his commitment to me. I am humbled and awed by the depth of his love for me. And, while I am not always the best at expressing myself to him, I love him with all I am, all I have, all I dream, and all I will ever be.

So, here's to happy endings and to the man who is my happily ever after!