Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Back Home...

Wow...after two weeks of travelling it sure is nice to be home. I've got loads of laundry to do and I still haven't completely unpacked - but we are home.

We have a new dog. Rosie joined our family last night. She was found by a family in our church and since we are total suckes for Bassett Hounds, she ended up here. :) She's a little older than Charlie and Casiday just loves her. They both slept in Casiday's bed last night. It was so cute.

That's the biggest news I've got. Life is still slow and simple. Just the way I like it.

Gotta go - Senior Adult Bible study this morning. Casiday & I are still in our PJ's!!

Happy Tuesday!


Jada said...

Hola, mi amiga. ?Como Estas?

Sorry, I was watching a Spanish video with the kids.....plus our friend from Costa Rica is coming this weekend so I am 'practicing':):)

Hey I can't wait to talk. I am going to message you w/ some new happenings, okay:!)

Jada said...

Did I really say all that?? Yeah, we are going to try & learn some Spanish. It's going to be very interesting this next month! Love Ya!!

Jada A. Swanson said...

Ha ha!!!! I think she has two friends named Jada. HOW FUN!!!!!! I only know one person with my name:) COOL!!!! Nice to meet ya.

Jada McDevitt said...

How cool is that!! We are hosting a student from Madrid in July! So we are trying to learn Spanish, too. I don't know many people named Jada either! We are very special !!!

TeriLynneU said...

You two crack me up!!!! yes - I have two friends named Jada. I am one blessed girl!!!