Sunday, June 3, 2007

The week ahead ...

Sunday's over. I hosted a baby shower for my sweet friend Donna and her precious baby, Grace Anne. It was a pretty good turnout. She got several nice things.

Church - this morning and tonight - was good. We've started a sermon series called "Mythbusters" and it was great this morning.

Tomorrow Scott has to go for jury duty. We are praying he gets out of it - since we are supposed to leave for Alabama next Monday. So, we'll see!!

Tuesday we have senior adult service and Casiday has Terrific Tuesday. If Scott has jury duty I'll lead the senior adult service and Valerie will go with Casiday to the lighthouse.

Wednesday is, of course, church. And we have to go to the library and turn in our books since we are going to be out of town next week.

Thursday I'll be a Care Net. I love Thursdays!!! I don't know if Casiday will go to work with Scott or spend the night with Karen after church on Wednesday and stay with her. I have to get my hair cut and colored that afternoon. Oh man - I need to make an appointment for Casiday to get her hair cut this week. Better add that to Monday's list!! :)

Friday Austin's Bridge is coming through town and so I have to make sure that Casiday gets to see them.

Saturday - REST!!!!!!!

Sunday - Austin's Bridge concert at night!!! Yea!!! Check them out here!

Monday - LEAVING FOR ALABAMA!!!!!!!!!! Vacation...aaahhhhhh....

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RitaLou said...

Hey girl!

Was just reading about your favorite "dance" things... LOL! Girl, I can sooooo relate! Only in my case take everything you said "times" two! But I miss those days.

I just read Casiday's blog and left her a comment! How cute that she's blogging!

I'm forwarding the info to Adrianne so she can read it and leave Casiday a comment, too.

See you!!