Saturday, February 7, 2009

Fab Five ... week ending February 7, 2009

Wow...this week has been so busy. I'm the Co-Director of Care Net's first Walk for Life (see last week's Fab Five for more on this amazing ministry!) and this week has been a very crazy week. I led trainings for all three walk locations this week ... Monday in Brunswick, Tuesday in Jesup, & Thursday in Camden. For a girl who is at home every night except Wednesday being gone three additional nights in one week was EXHAUSTING! But it was also so good. And, here's the list ...

1. New Friends! Through all the trainings I have met about 30 new people this week. And I have met some absolutely amazing people who are passionate about the message of LIFE. With a few there was just one of those immediate connections which was just like icing on the cake! So, here's to new friends!!

2. Family!! As great as new friends are, this week has been a great week for family! Facebook is just an amazing tool for staying connected. This week I've chatted with several family members and even begun planning a Reagan cousins reunion for this summer. I talked to my AMAZING sister-in-law Beth a few times - which is always fun and encouraging. Everyone should check out her blog ... ... she is absolutely hilarious and has such an amazing way of sharing about the joys and adventures of life with seven children. Best of all, my parents are coming next weeek! They'll be here Tuesday and so I imagine next week's Fab Five will be devoted to their visit.

3. Free books! This week I received my first book to review for Thomas Nelson. I signed up to be a blogger book reviewer. I figured I love to read. I love to give my opinion. I love to blog. Why not take those three things and get free books! So my first book arrived, "This is Your Brain on Joy." It is, so far, interesting. When I finish reading, my review will be posted on this blog.

4. Ginger! We have a new cat. She showed up at our house and she looks like Garfield. We tried to sorta ignore her so she would go home if she had a family. But she stayed and Casiday fell in love with her. So now we have an outdoor cat along with our two indoor ones. I would probably go ahead and let Ginger join the inside family but Casiday's cat, Princess, is just mean! She hisses and even jumped on Ginger (and Princess has a serious weight advantage!) so, for now, Ginger remains outside.

5. Jittery Joe's Coffee! Scott brought me back some freshly roasted coffee beans from Jittery Joe's in Athens, GA, when he was there last month. I have so enjoyed it. I learned that you have to grind about twice as many beans to get a full flavor from freshly roasted coffee but the flavor is amazing.

Well, that's this week in a nutshell. So many specific moments and special people have been apart of my life this week ... moments and people that brought great joy and made precious memories. Life is good!

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Fab Five ... week ending January 31, 2009

This week a focused "Fab Five" on the ministry of Care Net! Check out the website ...!

1. My sweet friend, Cyndie, who is the Center Director here in Brunswick. Cyndie has the best heart and is so compassionate to those who come to Care Net. She is a great example for all of us in loving others!

2. Just having the opportunity to share the HOPE we have in Christ alone with people who are in a crisis and feeling very much as if there is no hope.

3. The lessons I learn from the clients I see each week ... there are some very brave & strong women who have been through things I cannot even imagine and yet they want to be the very best parents they can. I have learned so much from walking a portion of life's journey beside them and I am grateful for the imprint each has left on my heart.

4. Ultrasound! I guess I am equally thankful for and amazed by this technology. But there is just something so absolutely beautiful and miraculous about seeing that tiny little heartbeat ... I just don't think I could ever get tired of that moment.

5. Breaking down stereotypes and correcting misinformation. I am always excited when I get to share with someone that the ministry we do is not always what they think ... that we empower and equip women and men to parent as best they can; that we don't "just give stuff away" - our clients make a commitment to grow and learn and be healthy; and my very favorite - sharing all the choices available and helping women sort through their choices to find the one that works for them - not just now but 10 years (and even further) from now.

Obviously I am absolutely pro-life ... but I must say, there have been times (many!) when I have been sitting in a counseling room with a woman facing a crisis pregnancy and listened to her explain why she has to end her pregnancy and have been so honest to say to her, "You know, I think I would feel the same way you do if I were in your situation." There is something about that kind of honesty - that deep acceptance of people where they are - that is frees me to really listen and allows me to build a relationship with a client wherein I can say, "But, I want you to know ALL of your options." The part of what I do at Care Net that brings me the most joy is letting women know that no matter what choice they make - parenting, adoption, or abortion - there is a love that is so deep and so passionate for them. A love that accepts them and desires a relationship with them. And that love is found only in Christ Jesus. It isn't about what we do - THANK GOD!! He just loves us. Period.