Wednesday, May 30, 2007

The Joys of Dance

Wow, I could say so much right now. But instead. here's a list of the top ten things I love (okay, loathe!) about being a dance mom!!!

10. Moms who are living vicariously through their daughter's dance. Ugh - get a life!
9. Trying to put a lycra dance costume on a sunburned seven-year-old.
8. Dance rehearsals on Saturdays - that last three to four hours
7. WHITE dance costumes - long pants and long-sleeved leotard - for seven-year-olds. Who thought of that?
6. Ballet buns on tender-headed children.
5. Along the same lines but a little MORE frustrating - having to do the aforementioned ballet buns on other people's tenderheaded or dirty-haired children!
4. Dress rehearsals, part 1 - Dress rehearsals that do not start on time.
3. Dress rehearsals, part 2 - Dress rehearsals that half the performers do not attend.
2 Dress rehearsals, part 3 - Dress rehearsals that last FOUR times longer than the actual performance.
1. Dealing with the other dance moms who are seriously overestimating how cute, talented, and precious their children are - especially compared to my prodigy!!

So, that's the scoop! Oh yeah...Casiday's recitals are on Friday night & Saturday afternoon. And, then - summer begins!!!!!