Saturday, September 22, 2007

Lesssons Learned

These past few months have been so eye-opening for me in terms of my spiritual poverty. It seems that God is continually showing me my desperate need for more of Him. I had been really struggling with the fact that I am not broken enough over my sin. I prayed that God would reveal more of Himself and push me deeper into intimacy with Him so that I could begin to understand the depth of my need for Him. What an amazing awareness He has given me in these past weeks. It had become so easy for me to guide others, to share with them what the Word says, to help them grow in their personal spiritual journey - and I am so thankful that God has allowed to me have that type of ministry of influence and encouragement for others. But in that ease (and environment of being admired and respected) I had grown complacent and lazy in my own spiritual pursuits.

God is faithful. He has answered the cry of my heart when I didn't even know what that cry was.

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