Monday, December 29, 2008

Post Christmas Hush

It's that great time of year ... those few days between Christmas and New Year's ... it's quiet and calm. The hustle and rushing of holiday season have passed. My decorations are up ... for just another day. I love putting them up ... the way the lights twinkle, figuring out just the right spot for whatever my latest treasure is, and enjoying the memories attached to all of them. But I also love packing them away ... it's almost a cleansing. The empty spaces where the decorations were symbolize the blank slate I feel I get with each new year.

2008 had so much good in it. Scott and I went on our first overseas mission trip together. We spent a week in Roatan, Honduras, and we will never be the same. I still can't put into words the ways God spoke to me and infused Himself in me while I was there. My entire concepts of worship, of service, of passion, and of ministry are changed forever. And to have the privilege of sharing such a life-changing experience with my husband ... well, that made it all the more special. Speaking of my main squeeze, he has been blessed this year with good health. What a great praise!!

We've made lots of trips as always. But my favorite was our Spring Break trip to Disney World. We spent the first half of the week with Scott's brother and his family. Watching Scott and Greg is one of my favorite things. There is something so inherently unique about the relationship between brothers. Greg and Scott can laugh so hard they cry about something that is really nothing. But they are both such good daddies and amazing husbands. Most of all, they are both incredibly Godly men.

One of my personal goals for 2008 was to make time for far-away family. I've tried to make a few more phone calls, send a few more cards, write a few more e-mails this year. And, thanks to Facebook, I think I've managed to be successful in that area. I've had some of the sweetest conversations this year with my Bigmama and my sweet sister-in-law Beth. I am so thankful for my family and the heritage of ministry of which I am a part.

And what recap would be complete without mentioning my sweet girl ... Casiday Hope. She inspires me! I look at her and see this wonderful, insightful, witty, completely blonde person who loves animals, dances with her heart and her feet, loves her friends and family, and "gets it" spiritually ... and I wonder, "What did I ever do to deserve this precious child?" Of course, I know the answer is that I did nothing ... she is as Psalm 127:3 says "a gift" from God. One for which I am most thankful.

Oh there are things that didn't happen in 2008 ... my book STILL isn't finished, I haven't completed the Rudolph quilt I started for Scott three years ago, and we're not eating more healthy or exercising more ... but, still, sitting here on my couch as 2008 winds down, I am filled with joy for all the blessings I have, gratitude for the amazing friends and family God has given me, wonder at the presence of God in my life, and chills that I have a husband who takes my breath away when he walks in the room and loves me even when I am REALLY unloveable.

Yes, this is my favorite time of year.

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Pattie said...

What wonderful blessings! I loved reading this post. :)