Tuesday, December 30, 2008

My Kitchen

My favorite room in my house is my kitchen. It's not the most fabulously arranged kitchen in the world. I have a serious lack of storage and counter space. The counter tops could really stand to be replaced. Everyone's grandmother had the same cabinets I have. But I love it anyway. It's homey and warm. There are usually dishes in the sink and drying on the counter because real people live here. There are permanent stains on the counter where the spoons have been set after stirring coffee. My fridge has magnets from places we've been, projects from Casiday, and a few pictures that always make me smile. The table was Scott's great-grandmother's kitchen table and I love it. It was shabby chic long before Rachel Aswell entered the scene. My pie safe was a gift from my sweet mother-in-law and it stores my much-loved collection of cook books ... many with post-it notes sticking out the top marking the recipes I want to try. Also in the pie safe is a juice set that was my great-granmother's ... it's hand-blown glass and it's one of the few things we have that I don't use ... too afraid it will get broken.

It's funny how people always gather in the kitchen, even when it's as small as mine. I have so many memories of sitting at the table with different girls in our youth group and talking about life. We try to have at least one meal a week at the table and Casiday always says grace. She has a specific meal blessing, "God, thank you for this day. Bless this food to the nourishment of our bodies. We love you and we thank you. Amen." I love that prayer ... reminds me of her daddy who says long prayers are for quiet times not meal times. :) The kitchen table has been used for many a play-dough session, has been piled high with food for countless events, and is still the best homework spot in the house.

I love my kitchen. It's where I do a lot of ministry. I bake and cook there ... for my family, for my friends, for those who are sick, those who have lost loved ones, and those who just love chicken and dumplin's (and leave the ingredients in my garage as a hint that it's been too long since I've made any). I pray there ... as I clean up after people have been over I replay our conversations and pray for their needs as I wash the dishes and toss the trash. I pray for my family and thank God for the many blessings represented in my kitchen.

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