Friday, July 27, 2007

Momma's House

There's just no place like it!! We got here yesterday. This is our first trip to Missouri in two years. We will be here until Wednesday when we head back to Georgia. It is so nice to be here. Living so far away is becoming more and more difficult. I see so many ways that I could encourage and support my mom if I lived closer. Of course I try to be an encouragement to her via the phone -but it's just not the same as being close enough to give her a hug or a hand.

I was honestly not even sure I wanted to make this trip -because I didn't want to deal with the reality of how far away we live from each other. It's kinda easier to ignore when we talk on the phone but when we spend two full days driving to get here - I KNOW that we live a long way apart. But, I am glad Scott insisted. Just being here makes me feel like I can help her - just little things like cleaning the bathrooms, etc. But things I know make a difference to her.

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