Sunday, April 26, 2009

Fab Five ... Week ending April 25, 2009

It has been a wonderful week! I continue to be amazed at how amazing my life is ... I am married to the most loving, considerate, caring, generous & godly man I've ever met, my daughter is proving to be one of the most fun people ever, I have a fantastic family (and great in-laws), and my friends are true blessings. I have found myself in a bit of a funk the past couple of weeks and have been stressed out (more on that in the list to come) ~ but always there has been a reminder from the Lord of His great love and provision for me. What more could anyone ask for than a life filled with love, grace, and lots of fun!

And, so, without further adieu, my Fab Five for this past week ....

1. SCOTT IS HOME!!! Without a doubt the very best thing that happened this week was when I was talking to Scott on Sunday afternoon and I asked him what he was doing and he said, "Driving home." He had originally planned to come home Monday but instead drove home Sunday and I have never been so happy to see anyone as I was to see that man Sunday night!! He still takes my breath away and, as I wrote on my FB status, "My heart was finally whole again" when he walked in the door.

2. Antibiotics ... I've had my first encounter with Shingles and must say that I am so very thankful for antibiotics to help deal with that. What a blessing modern medicine is!! (And special thanks to Patti for working so hard to get the best price for these meds!! And for taking such good care of me!! You are a godsend!!) Apparently shingles is not something that just happens to "old people" as I had thought ... and so, the stress of the past few weeks found its outlet in a very nasty and painful rash on my neck & shoulders. It was not fun at all. I am hoping that I'll be one of those people who has one outbreak and never has another.

3. Mrs. Warren ... Casiday has the sweetest, most fun teacher this year. (I <3 you, Sally!!) This week has been CRCT testing and I have so appreciated how Mrs. Warren has worked with the children to get them ready without stresssing them out. And, on Friday she had Spa Day for them! Such fun!!

4. Cleaning my house ... I know, a crazy thing to be thankful for, but really I am just thankful to have a home to clean. So many people are facing enormous difficulties during these trying times and I am enormously grateful for what I have and, moreso, for the faithfulness of God to me in all times - trying and not-so-trying.

5. Encouragement ... This week has been filled with people who have just taken time to encourage me. From little notes to stronger words of challenge, I have been blessed this week by so many who have spoken to my heart and, in so many different ways, lightened my load. Again, I just feel overwhelmed by the vastness of God's provision for me. And so humbled by the people who love me and accept me. What a precious gift!!

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