Saturday, April 11, 2009

Fab Five ... Week ending April 4, 2009

Posted a week late on Blogger ... but was actually posted last week on FB. Oops!! :)

We've had a great week! Scott continues to do well which is, of course, the biggest item on my list of thanks!! But, here is a few other things I am loving from last week ....

1. MAIL ... Real mail. Handwritten cards and letters, placed in envelopes with stamps. You know the kind people take time to put in the mailbox and it arrives a few days later. I love getting mail. And this week I got some sweet cards from some great people who I love so much. And even got a package in the mail from me wonderful friend Christina! I love mail!!

2. J. Jill ... I love this store/catalog/website! Great clothes that are incredibly comfy. I highly recommend anything from J. Jill ~ plus they have a great clearance section on their website.

3. Family Dinner ... a lost art during these busy days and in this crazy world we live in. But I am really committed to making sure we eat together as much as possible throughout the week. And there is just something so great about eating at home with my family.

4. HGTV ... So the past few weeks we have sorta gotten into this habit of watching HGTV when Scott comes home for lunch. It's nice to watch the transformations and dream about some of the things we would like to do in our house someday.

5. Michael's $1 bins ... I love Michael's!! And I especially love pilfering through the $1 bins ... and this week I got to do that with Karen which just made it even more fun!

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