Monday, June 15, 2009

Fab Five ... Week ending June 13, 2009

Summer has finally begun! Oh I know Casiday has been out of school for two weeks already. And in that two weeks we have made a trip to Alabama for Scott's 20th reunion, Casiday has been to children's camp and Scott & I went on our anniversary trip to Orlando.

But, even with that ... summer had not yet begun until now! See, we still had dance. Casiday loves dance and usually I do too. However, when her spring recital was not until June 13 ... that pushed my love to its limit!! :-)

Okay, that has nothing to do with my Fab Five post but I just needed to get it out there!!

Here goes ...

1. Watching my baby dance! She's not really a baby anymore but she's still my baby and watching her dance brings me such joy.

2. My sweet friend Natalie ... without her at the eternal dress rehearsal Friday night I think I would have a Frightful Five this week instead of Fab. Thanks, Natalie, for making me laugh!

3. Precious older girls who have encouraged and blessed my girl. Alyssa & Madelynne - thank you for encouraging Casiday in dance and life! Judy & Adrianne - thank you for ALL you have done to mold my 9-year-old into who she is! There are so many more who have been a blessing to me as they have connected with my child ... I am so thankful!

4. Dear friends who have encouraged me to write and keep writing. Pattie, Christina, Cyndie, Stacy, Lindsey, Karen ... thank you. Keep pushing me!!

5. New friends from blogworld. Wow! There are some amazing women who are writing relevant and interesting and hilarious blogs that make me laugh, think and even cry sometimes! Check out a few of these ... Like a Warm Cup of Coffee, Pajama Mama, PW - The Real Me, We are THAT Family, Joy in the Journey and so many more! Ladies, you are amazing and I am encouraged, cahllenged, and inspired every time I read ... EVERY time!


PW said...

So glad that your summer has officially begun!! Your daughter looks beautiful.

I'm humbled for a mention in your Fab Five post. thank you!

Pattie said...

Humbled by the nod...
Amazed by the beauty in the photo at the top. You look smashing, and Casiday is GORGEOUS!!!!!

I love you!

TeriLynneU said...

Girls, you bless me more than I could say. I am honored to count you as friends!

Stephanie said...'ve had a busy 2 weeks. I hope things slow down for you now. :) The picture is beautiful, you have a lovely daughter. I enjoyed the fab five. I too am thankful for older girls who encourage and set a good example for my girls. Have a great week!

nikkit3 said...

I love you too! My two little girls think that pic of Casiday is gorgeous! They think she looks like a princess!!!
((((big hugs))))

TeriLynneU said...

Oh, Nikki, wait til I tell the girl that! She will be on cloud nine!

Michelle said...

I tagged you in a fun little game over at Lollypops and Lizards! Swing by when you have time!