Saturday, August 18, 2007

I am the coolest mom!!! LOL

The HSM2 party was a HUGE success. All the girls LOVED it (and so did their moms >wink<)! We had the high school dance look going and it was so cute. When the girls arrived, they came in on a red carpet (made from the $1 red plastic tablecloths) that covered my sidewalk up to the front door. I interviewed each girl - asked about her dress and what she was excited about in the movie, etc. They loved that.

Then we took their pictures next to a poster of Troy (everyone should now sigh .... aaahhhh!). Then they did their talent show which was so fun. I videoed all of it, of course. After that part, we cranked up the HSM music and Hannah Montana music on my iPod which was hooked up to this really cool disco ball that spins faster when the music's tempo is faster and gets brighter the louder the music is. They were having a blast! All of us were dancing and laughing.

Then they changed into their pj's and got their food ready (a true kid's dream - popcorn and candy!) so they could watch the movie. They LOVED it all. Afterward, we watched the preview of Ashley Tisdale's new cartoon and the Hannah Montana episode with (yes, sigh again ...) the Jonas Brothers. By that point, the girls were exhausted but very hyper from the candy and adreneline .... so we said good night and sent them home. One of the moms stayed to help me clean up and we sat down to talk at the kitchen table while our girls were completely GONE on the couches. I got pics and video it all. Once I get the pics back, I'll post them - and if I can figure out how to post a video of them dancing, I'll do that too.

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Adrianne said...

How fun! Sounds like a blast!