Monday, March 30, 2009

Fab Five ... Week Ending February 14, 2009

So, in honor of Valentine's Day my Fab Five will be a VERY abridged list of things that I love about my precious husband. 1. Scott is strong & steady. He is always level-headed and never rushes to judgment - about people or siutations. He is the epitome of steadfast and is most certainly my rock. I tend to be driven by my emotions and he keeps me grounded.2. No one loves me like he does. "Warts and all" Scott accepts me and yet just being with him drives me to be a better person. He knows my heart, my mind, my dreams ... what I love, what I hate ...he knows me ... who I am on the inside. And even with my craziness, he loves me. 3. My husband is truly the most godly person I have ever known. I have never met anyone with such a deep, abiding faith in the Lord. He is consistent and faithful. Scott loves and lives according to 1 Corinthians 13. He is patient and he is kind. He doesn't envy or boast. He doesn't keep score. 4. I don't know a man who values his family - Casiday & me, his family, my family - more. He is generous and accepting. He esteems all of us and treats us with great respect. He never speaks ill of his family or mine and he is more than willing to sacrifice his personal desires or preferences when necessary to spend time with and investing in family.5. My husband is my very best friend. No one can make me laugh harder! There is no one I would rather spend time with. My desire for my daughter is that she have a marriage like we have - that she marry her best friend and that he adores her. I am so thankful to have a husband who likes me and wants nothing more than to just be together. I always heard people say that marriage gets better as the years go by .... after 13-1/2 years I am finding this to be very true. My heart still stops when he walks the room, he still takes my breath away. I know it's him on the phone before I ever look at the caller ID. I can't imagine my life without Scott - don't even want to think about it. I had to face that possibility a couple of years ago when he was in ICU and all I could think of was that the very best of me is my relationship with him and I would be just a hollow shell without him. I am thankful every day that God spared his life and that God has blessed me with the life we share. I <3>

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