Monday, March 30, 2009

Fab Five ... Week ending March 21, 2009

Well, considering the past week has been consumed with surgery preparations for Scott's WLS, it seems only fitting that I celebrate the things related to that ...

1. Scott ... my most amazing husband who is the most steadfast & godly person I have ever known. I pray daily that my child will marry someone as authentic & faithful as my Scott. I love you, honey!!

2. Casiday Hope ... what a trouper! This kid has been through so much ... I cannot imagine how confusing life is sometimes for her with a dad who has a very serious chronic medical condition. Yet she is so full of life and grace and has no fear about the future. She amazes me with how easily she handles the ups & downs of Scott's health and I am so thankful that God has blessed me with this amazing person. I am incredibly proud of her!!

3. Successful surgery! Scott's surgery went beautifully and the dr. was very pleased with everything.

4. A praying family ... both Scott's & my families are such prayer warriors for us and so very supportive. I am grateful beyond words to be a part of such faithful & godly families. We are richly blessed! Oh & thanks to Dawn & Mama Raye for giving up their husbands for the weekend! Having Greg, Papa & Bauer here was such a blessing!

5. Friends ... the really good kind who love me even when I'm in a bad mood and accept me with all my faults and baggage and junk! This week I am especially thankful for Karen (love you BFF!), Valerie (who handled my child for me when I couldn't), Alycia (that phone call made everything better!), Holly (who isn't on FB but is a blessing beyond words!) and Carrie (who is one of the most beautiful people I know - inside & out). Oh! and I cannot leave out my sweet friend Christina ~ we've never met but she is a true friend and prayer warrior.

There are just so many more things I could list and people I could name ... I hope no one feels slighted! We have been blessed beyond comprehension by the love and care and encouragement of so many people. I have been overwhelmed by the texts, FB comments & messages, phone calls, and prayers. Wow! This week could have been the Fab Five Thousand!! So, to all of you ~ THANK YOU! You are loved and appreciated and prayed for.

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