Monday, March 30, 2009

Fab Five ... Week ending March 7, 2009

After a few weeks of more serious lists, I think it's time to reflect on the lighter side of life.'s to the frivolous!!

1. Samoa Ice Cream ... Yep! Ice cream with chunks of my favorite Girl Scout cookies in it. YUMMY!!!
2. "Brothers & Sisters" ... I have loved Calista Flockheart since Ali McBeal and any show with her, Rob Lowe and Sally Field ~ well, I'm all in. This season has been amazing!
3. My Auburn blanket ... Aunt Norma got me the best blanket for Christmas. It's big enough to really snuggle up in and it's warm and soft. It makes my early morninings so nice!
4. Lemon Pound cake from Starbucks ... The best pound cake ever! I love this stuff. $1.95 a slice seems a very small price to pay.
5. Natalie Grant ... I am loving every song I hear of hers these days. Old ones, new ones ~ doesn't matter.

It's been a great week! Life is so good and I am seriously the most blessed person I know. My family is amazing, my husband is INCREDIBLE!! and I cannot think of even one thing I would change right now.

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