Saturday, January 10, 2009

Fab Five ... week ending January 10, 2009

So this past week was crazy ... Scott was gone from Monday through Wednesday, Casiday went back to dance and school, and I was back at Care Net for the first time since before Thanksgiving. So, lots of good things to choose from ... so it took me awhile to narrow down.

But, here it is the second Fab Five of 2009!

1. ROUTINE!!! For someone who is schedule-driven and very "type A" holiday breaks can be a nightmare! So, getting back into the groove of school, dance, and all our other "regular" activities has been great!

2. Streams in the Desert ... a classic Christian devotional written in 1925. Several of my friends have used it over the past year and highly recommended it. So far I have been incredibly challenged and moved by the daily readings. I highly recommend it.

3. The Senior Citizens Center here in Brunswick. I had no idea about this program but Scott was invited to sing there on Friday and it was amazing. There were about 75 senior adults from all races and demographic backgrounds there for fellowship and meal. We, to be honest, had very low expectations about the experience and instead had the most incredible time with these delightful people. I am anxious for the opportunity to go back.

4. Scrapbooking with my daughter. Casiday & I worked on our scrapbooks together one night this week. It was fun helping her learn to visualize the page and figure out exactly what to place on it so it creates the image she wants.

5. Last ... but definitely NOT LEAST ... Scott arriving home safely. I don't do well when he's gone and this time was no exception. But I think having a few days without him around was a great reminder for me of just how amazing and wonderful he is and how my "self" just isn't complete without my guy at home.

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