Sunday, May 31, 2009

Fab Five ... Week ending May 30, 2009


1. Family! While we were in Alabama for Scott's 20th reunion (gasp!), I took the opportunity to visit my sweet Aunt Mollianne for an afternoon. As a bonus, my cousin Annie was at her house also. We had the best time gabbing, drinking coffee, eating yummy carb-laden foods, and sharing life together for a few hours. I am still basking in the glow of those few hours!

2. School's out! Another exciting event ... and we have a FULL summer already planned. But, just the thought that we don't HAVE to be anywhere most days is a wonderful one. (Downside to this is that I am now the parent of a fourth-grader - gasp! again - and wondering where my baby girl went!)

3. Our "country house." We are very fortunate to have a vacation home of sorts in the Shoals. The house we lived in before moving to Georgia belonged to Scott's great-grandmother. His aunt has graciously allowed us to continue to "live" there when we are visiting. It is so very nice to have a place of our own to relax in when we are home in North Alabama.

4. My cell phone. I am very excited right now about my phone because it made the normally unbearable (for all of us!) trip of 9 hours to Alabama much better! My sweet brother Tim taught me how to use it as a modem for my computer so I was able to be online the whole time. I have a data plan on my phone also but it sure was nice to be able to use my laptop for a few hours instead of squinting the whole time on that tiny cell phone screen!!! ;)

5. My new blog! This made a post unto itself on Wednesday but I am so very excited about the gracious and encouraging response to this new adventure! The first series is titled "Finding Jesus in My Messy House." My heart cry is to be Pleasing to God and so to write and share with others how God is working out that desire in my life is a dream come true!! Thank you to all those who have encouraged me - and the few who have pestered me into action.

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