Monday, May 18, 2009

This Week in Food or How Insecure am I??

So, I'm trying to get my menu done for this week and coming up really blank. Casiday & I are going to spend the weekend on Jekyll with some dear friends to celebrate a birthday so it's only Monday - Thursday. One would think that could be done quickly. But no! Apparently, the idea that I am now posting my menus online is creating a mental block for me ... almost like I am worried that my menus won't be up to par (as if others are seriously interested in what I am cooking for my little family and if they are, would be judging the menus for content and style). It's a silly thing but I am really stressed over this. I've been making menus for YEARS! Have months of menus on my Google calendar and yet, for whatever crazy reason, putting menus into my blog (which as an impressive 11 followers! Thank you to each one!!) is totally stressing me out.

All that as preface to say, IF you are reading this and IF you think that my menus are bad and IF you are inclined to post about the poor quality of the meals I prepare for my family - PLEASE DON'T! My all-too-fragile ego can't take the criticism right now. I know we are boring ... and that I fix "veggies" (which sadly does translate to opening a can of some sort) almost every night with very little creativity ... but we eat what I fix and while it may not qualify me for a slot on any of Food Network's Challenges, I do make the effort to cook for my family as many nights a week as possible. So, please, be kind, be gentle, or be quiet!!! :-) ~ Oh & I am really hoping the tone of this is translating well and that everyone can recognize my silliness! ~

Without further adieu ...

Monday ~ vegetable soup (my monthly "free" meal made with the leftovers of our nightly veggies saved in the freezer) & sandwiches

Tuesday ~ hamburger steaks (one of my sweet husband's specialties!) & green beans

Wednesday ~ baked chicken & corn

Thursday ~ leftovers

Friday & Saturday ~ Casiday & I will be on Jekyll Island with our friends. Scott will probably eat some Healthy Choice meals and sandwiches. We'll be snacking & eating dinner out.

Sunday ~ annual Memorial Day bbq at our church ... I'll be serving beside my precious Scott as the staff always takes this opportunity to serve our church members.


Chris, Meg, and Patrick Smith said...

Just so you know, I'm not judging your menu. Instead, I respect the fact that you care enough about your family to try and provide some variety while looking out for everyone's health. Bottom line, you're a loving wife and mom, so instead of being insecure, shine in your glory! Love you!

P.S. I'm starting to try the recipes from "Deceptively Delicious". I'll keep you posted!

TeriLynneU said...

Thanks, Meg!! You are such a sweetie. I was just shocked at how hestitant I was to post the menu that I had thoughtfully prepared for the week. Good grief!! I like to think I'm a little more confifdent than that. :) Love you too!!

bustermama said...

you are so goofy! maybe i should start posting mine so you can laugh at me! let's see, crankiness won out last night so we picked up pizza. tonight is tacos. tomorrow we eat at the church. thursday i'm sure it will be hot dogs, and then i'm at my momma's so i don't have to worry about it. that make you feel better. this is such a bad week for good food at our house! maybe another week.